Beauty Channel is an all-in-one Platform for eyelash extension business.


Since Its establishment in 1999, Beauty Channel has continuously striven to provide all kind of products related to eyelash extension which gives women much more gorgeous eyes with natural beauty.

And for the health of our user, we are constantly developing and producting cosmetics through the mixture of plant ingredients for safe goods and improving productivity.

We will keep doing our best so we can return the encouragement and support we have received from our customers.

ISSUED BY Lee, Jung Yeon

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Business Field

Cosmetics are another competitive edge of beauty channels.
We propose the best solution from development to production.

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Total consulting service for Eyelash Extension supplies

Total consulting service for Cosmetics

Total consulting service for OEM & ODM

Total care service for buyer's needs

Provide solution service to WIN WIN share growth

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The best experience and technology in the eyelash industry

Diverse experience from customers over 60 countries in the world.

Develop the products by reflecting our customer's feedback.

Customer design support service

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Global exporting business and production

Low MOQ and short production period

Easy branding with non-branded products

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Certified ISO9001/14001 Quality Management

Certified ISO22716 Good Manufacturing Environment

Certified Risk Assessment / zero hazard workshop

Five systems of Quality Control and Quality Assurance

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Fast shipment process and follow-up customer service

Provide faster and more flexible response.

Constant communication with customers to provide proper and fast updates

Establish reliable business relationships with long-termcustomers

Contact us

We are available at 09:00~18:00 business hours from Monday to Friday.
Weekends and national holidays are closed. You can use our quick contact form to ask a question about our products. The response will take 1~2 business days  

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