Stylish easy liner

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Stylish easy liner


As a soft and elastic cilia brush type, it makes elaborate and deep eye lines which closely contact on skin also the drawn eye lines last long before wash up since the eyeliner is strong on water, sweat and sebum. Also the eyeliner does not contain Tar color, it is easily removed and color does not stain the skin when you wash up. 

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Capacity 0.6g
1) Shake the product 2~3 times before using
2) Draw eye lines from the center of eyes to the end of eyes
3) If there is foreign or oil on the brush, remove them using tissue
4) Make sure to close the cap after using it to prevent from dry
5) The brush is recommended to store horizontally


1. If any one of following symptoms occurs when using cosmetics,
stop using it and consult a dermatologist.
(1) red spot, swelling, itching, stimulus.
(2) symptoms mentioned above are caused by sunlight.
2. Do not apply on skin where there is wound, eczema, or Dermatitis.
3. Storage and cautions for handling
(1) close stopper after using.
(2) keep out of reach of children.
(3) keep away from high or low temperature and direct sunlight.