SM glue

SM glue


The Most strongest glue.

SM Glue has excellent adhensive strength at the beginning. Also, special nozzle with double blocking system prevents glue from leaking.
In addition, the blocking system reduces glue hardened and viscosity increased by
intercepting air contacting. Picture- it has own nozzle.

* User : Expert
* Persistency : about 4weeks
* Drying Time : about 3 sec
* Terms of Use : 2months recommended

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1. Do not use except for eyelash extension.
2. Do not touch directly to the skin and eyes.
3. Close the cap tightly after opening.
4. Recommended to use up within 2 months.
5. Keep out of reach from children.
6. When the glue gets into eye during the eyelash extension, please consult a physician.
7. A pain might be occured temporarily while applying eyelash extension, but it would be disappeared if the glue is completely hardened.
8. The most suitable circumstance for eyelash extension is temperature over 20 ℃ and humidity 50-60%.